Ölmönger: Ölbeat 289: Beer Hunter's Mufloni Pilsner

Brewery: Beer Hunter’s (in Finnish)
Country: Finland
Style: Pilsener
Abv: 5,5 %

What about the beer?
Colour is hazy golden orange with a small white head. Aroma has a strong sweet malty scent with some citrus. Taste starts with dry bready malts. Grainy malts and bitter-tart citrus fruits take over. Near the finish sweet malts and fruity bitterness come in front. Aftertaste has malty dryness and lasting citrus bitterness.
Simple but great Pilsner. Even though I know nothing how this style should taste like. Bitter-dry grainy malt flavour has the lead role while citrus supports the strong malty body. Works fine with me. This beer won the award of Suomen Paras Olut (Best beer of Finland) in 2016.


The competition in Finnish craft beer scene will get brutal in a few years. At this moment, there are nearly (or a little over) 90 commercial microbreweries in Finland. I believe – and wish, to be honest – that some of the existing ones will be wiped out while, for sure, some new ones are born. However, I’m sure that Beer Hunter’s is one that stands the fight ’til the end.
Queen: Another One Bites The Dust (YouTube)
From the 1980 album The Game, the song was written by John Deacon.