Ölmönger: Ölbeat 296: Ruosniemen Lomittaja (4,7 %)

Brewery: Ruosniemen Panimo
Country: Finland
Style: Saison
Abv: 4,7 %

What about the beer?
Colour is hazy straw yellow with an overwhelming white head. Aroma has sour apples, yeast and sweet wheat malts. Taste begins with yeasty citrusy sour bite. Fruity biting sourness and yeasty funk take over with wheaty and spicy side flavours. Towards the end sweet fruits get in front with sour lemon and spicy yeast. Aftertaste has salty lemon sourness and malty dryness.
Mild but tasty Saison. Everything’s where it should be: sour and yeasty aroma followed by sour, funky, wheaty and spicy taste. Great summer brew from the local brewery.


”Hip hip.” The name of the beer, Lomittaja, means stand-in and is in Finland used especially from a person to takes care of the farm when the farmer is sick or on holiday. So, we’re imagining the farmer to a distant sunny island when his stand-in is working and sweating on the countryside.
Weezer: Island in the Sun (YouTube)
From the 2001 album Weezer, the song was written by Rivers Cuomo.