Ölmönger: Ölbeat 312: Cool Head Copacabana

Brewery: Cool Head Brew
Country: Finland
Style: Specialty Grain
Abv: 7 %

What about the beer?
Colour is hazy dark orange with a large natural white head. Aroma has lemon, grapefruit, resin and pine. Taste starts with piny bitter grapefruit. Sharp pine and bitter grapefruit take over with slightly sweet malty flavour in the background. Towards the end pine beats the citrus, sweet orange sticks out a little. Aftertaste has sharp resiny dryness and citrus bitterness.
Heavily piny and resiny Rye IPA. Some citrus and malts in the flavour, too. Not superfresh, not too exciting, but strong and tasty. In some nice way slaps the drinker in the face with bitterness.


Since one of the brewers is Cleber from Brazil and since the brew offered a fruity face-slapping session, it’s self-evident that I chose Brazilian music that slaps – and hits and kicks and bites – in the face. No fruit, tho: it’s the Cavalera brothers and the rest of Sepultura!
Sepultura: Arise (YouTube)
From the 1991 album Arise, the song was written by Sepultura.