Ölmönger: Ölbeat 339: Austmann / De Molen Mannus & Blodøks

Brewery: Austmann Bryggeri (Brouwerij De Molen)
Country: Norway (Netherlands)
Style: Imperial Stout— 
Abv: 8,8 %

What about the beer?
Colour is black with a thin beige crown. Aroma has sweet coffee, vanilla, chocolate and alcohol. Taste starts with bittersweet roast with a boozy bite. Smoothly bitter dark chocolate and sweet roasted malts take over with vanilla, black coffee and boozy breath. Towards the end dark chocolate, bitter roast and sweet vanilla melt together beautifully, with layers of coffee and espresso lingering in the background. Aftertaste has bitter dark chocolate, strong espresso and lasting dry roast.
Strong and honest Imperial Stout. Heavy flavours of chocolate, coffee, vanilla, roast and warming alcohol roll over me. I lean back, relax and enjoy the battle between the great German ancestor and the mythical Norwegian king. I’ll call this a tie and move over by the fireplace to finish my glass. Simply excellent collab brew from the strong Norwegians helped by the world famous Dutch.


Mannus was, according to Roman Tacitus’ writings, a son of the god Tuisto and the father of German human tribes. In the 1800’s, his myth was adopted to Aryan beliefs, and later to – what else than – Nazi occult. Oh, that would’ve made Tacitus happy. Eirik Blodøks, on the other hand, was the king of Norway in the 10th century. The epithet, ”Bloodaxe”, comes from the later sagas about Eirik slaying his half-brothers to rule Norway and about him being a ruthless Viking raider. And that actually would have made the Norse gods happy, but some others probably not.
Metallica: The God That Failed (YouTube)
From the 1991 album Metallica, the song was written by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich.