Ölmönger: Skitbit Aug 2017: Teerenpeli SavanniSamu

Brewery: Teerenpeli
Country: Finland
Style: American Pale Ale
Abv: 4,5 %

What about the beer?
Colour is hazy orange with a huge white head. Aroma has grainy malts and stingy hops. Taste begins with biting fruity tartness. Tart citrus, sweet fruits (passion fruit?) and slightly malty caramel take over with strong carbonation. Towards the end sweet-tart fruit mix is joined by malty flavours. Aftertaste has sweet passion fruit and tart citrus.
Special but strange. Categorized as American Pale Ale but I’d call this a Fruit Beer. It’s not awful but it’s far from enjoyable. Probably the passion fruit dominates too much. Prefer traditional APA’s before these fruit-tuned ones.


This month went by with too good beer, so actually there weren’t many options for the worst one. Actually this one was only not good bottled beer of August. At Winston Fest there were couple worse but those doses aren’t counted in. So the song choice isn’t from the total crap department. It’s still bad, though, like the rest of the band’s production.
Ultra Bra: Savanni nukahtaa (YouTube)
From the 1997 album Kroketti, the song was written by Kerkko Koskinen and Anni Sinnemäki.