Pint and burger: Summer is almost here

Finnish summer is short, but with little snow (a Finnish saying). Well, summer is almost here and it’s time to drink some Pale Ales. There is 12 C outside and our neighbor is at the yard with swimsuit. That’s the spirit !!
This year, spring once again surprised lovers of the warm weather by being super cold. I remember last spring, I was drinking outside(almost, it was inner ward)—  in April. While enjoying couple pints there, I saw a wonderful couple passing by blind drunk, woman was on borderline that she could even walk. They went straight to liqueur store and came back with Gin Long Drink cans. Couple immediately started to hydrate. Of course there were some extra drama, somehow that ”I’m sleeping” stage woman was now perky and left still slow man shouting ”Kristiina” (her name? I hope so. Shouting wrong name could also be the reason why she left) after they had gone— up and down escalators several times. Man used the escalator railing as table and sorted his partially presmoked cigarettes several times in some strange order. Well, I have some disease, I can’t stop watching things like this… other people were talking and having fun, I watched drunks. And it was my 50 year old birthday parties. I was very happy. I have heard those old stories thousand times, but that drunken drama was priceless.

Okay, here are the warm day Pale Ale competitors:

Finnish summerday

Fat Lizard Track Day Session IPA: This is IPA. Very basic IPA, not real ale style IPA though, but ”industrial IPA” that you find in every can. I like it, more twist and gimmicks are usually bad.

Hopping Brewsters Flight Cader APA: This is also IPA… erm is not, but tastes like one. Tastes quite same as previous beer and both of those are very regular. This was a very exciting to notice.

I can’t justify spending extra money to products like these. Both beers are domestic but price is imported beer level. Why? Small brewery? Because you can? Don’t get me wrong, these are very nice beers.
There is something about the bitter and metallic taste of IPA beers that keeps me coming back. I don’t even like that type of beer (I’m big fan of British ALEs (not traditionals though)), but their easy drinkability and refreshing taste is something that beats lagers at any day and most of times I found ALEs too heavy. ALE is also bad for my nowadays very sensitive stomach.
But that’s all for now, I think I’m concentrating more on food now on, I have had enough alcohol for awhile. I blame May Day.— 
And for the record, before I managed to push ”publish” button, the summer is real here… 25 C yesterday, almost 20 today.. that’s nice. Maybe I’ll go and buy some IPAs (what?) .