Suomen parhaan oluen tittelistä kisaa 212 olutta 44 panimolta

Suomen Parhaat Oluet 2017 valitaan Suuret Oluet – Pienet Panimot -tapahtuman yhteydessä Helsingissä 26.-27.7.2017. Tulokset julkistetaan yleisögaalassa Helsingin Rautatientorilla 2. elokuuta.

– Olemme nostaneet tapahtuman tasoa kansainväliselle tasolle. Haluamme näin herättää kiinnostusta suomalaisiin oluisiin myös rajojemme ulkopuolella. Suomen parhaan oluen tittelistä kisaa tänä vuonna 212 olutta 44 panimolta, mikä on sangen merkittävä määrä, toteaa kilpailun avainhenkilö— Matti Heikkilä, joka on tuttu myös Nokian Panimon ruorista.

Kilpailun kansainvälistymisestä kertoo myös tuomaristo, joka on kotoisin muun muassaa Saksasta, Hollannista, Yhdysvalloista ja Brasiliasta. Tuomarit ovat olleet vakio-osallistujia maailman merkittävimmissä olutkilpailuissa mukaan lukien World Beer Cup ja European Beer Star.

– Alan asiantuntijoiden lisäksi tuomaristoon kuuluu myös maallikkojäseniä, sillä kyseessä on – kuinka ollakaan – makuasiat, jotka koskettavat meitä kaikkia, Heikkilä jatkaa tyytyväisenä.

Kilpailun järjestää Suomalainen Olut ry.

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Kansainväliset tuomarit 2017

Jos Brouwer

As a student in the late 1970s/early 1980s Jos became interested in Belgian beers, and subsequently became involved with the Dutch beer consumers organisation PINT. He started as a contributor to the magazine, but soon became editor-in-chief. In this position he also was elected in the national executive of PINT. Jos represented PINT at the founding meeting of EBCU, the European Beer Consumers Union, in 1990, and has been active in PINT as well as in EBCU ever since. He has been a member of the executive of PINT for 17 years, and was elected as vice chairman of EBCU in Autumn 2008, and held this position as member of the executive in EBCU until November 2013.

Jos has been involved as a judge in many international beer competitions, including World Beer Cup (since 2004), European Beer Star (since 2007), the Italian Birra dell’Anno competition (since 2007), International Beer Cup (Japan), Brussels Beer Challenge, Dutch Best Bockbeer Competition, Greg Noonan Contest (Mondial de la Bière, Montreal, Canada), Concurso Brasileiro da Cerveja (Blumenau, Brasil), as well as some other national professional competitions and homebrew competitions. Jos also was involved in setting up guidelines for EBCU on beercompetitions, and setting up creteria for EBCU wether or not to acknowledge and endorse beer competitions.

Joshua Cody

Is an owner and founder of Colorado Malting Company (USA). He is a fourth generation barley farmer and second generation maltster. He has extensive experience with malting and brewing and has tested lagers and ales all over the world. He has multiple award winning recipes published including the Martin Luther Ale and is responsible for bringing the Finnish Sahti style to the USA. He personally developed unique roasting and malting methods that have reshaped the industry worldwide, including Old World Roastingâ„¢. — Joshua holds a Bacholer of Arts from Adams State University and a Master of Science from Concordia University in Mequon, Wisconsin, USA.

Theo Flissebaalje

From Utrecht, The Netherlands. Started home brewing in 1984 and writing about beer in 1986. Author for PINT-Magazine (NL) (1986 – ), National executive of PINT (Dutch Beer Consumers) during 10 years, Co-founder and Chairman of StiBON (the Dutch beer education institute) (2009-2014) Founder of the PINT-Bierproefavonden: Beer tasting events on a monthly basis in 2 Dutch cities since 1992. International judge experience at: World Beer Cup – European Beer Star – Birra Dell’Anno (Italy) – Brussels Beer Challenge – The International Beer Cup (IBC) – Brazilian Beer Contest – Dutch Beer Challenge.

Mareike Hasenbeck

Live and work in Munich (Bavaria/Germany) as a Freelancer Journalist, Craft Beer Blogger ( and Biersommelière.

Jan M van Bragt

Along with his career as a French teacher, Jan M van Bragt from the Netherlands, is a teacher in Beer (StiBON NL, Tatteljee B) and a true connoisseur of beer for 30 years. He is a former editor-in-chief of the Dutch beer magazine PINT and co-writer of several beer books, such as: Dutch Beer Book, Benelux Beer Book, Beer Tasting Guide, Beer Style guide, Belgium by Beer.He is co-founder and organizer of the Kerstbierfestival in Essen, Belgium. Jan has national judging experience at Dutch and Belgian homebrew competitions (BKG, Brand Brewery, Bierfestival Groningen,To Beer or not to Beer, Leuven Innovation Festival), PINT Bock Beer Competition (Netherlands), Kuyt Beer Competition (Netherlands), Dutch Beer Challenge (Netherlands), and has participated as a judge in the international beercompetitions like Brussels Beer Challenge (Belgium), Poznanskie Targi Piwne (Poland), Birra dell Anno (Italy), International Beer Competition (Japan), Barcelona Beer Challenge (Spain) , Ibeerian Awards Aveiro (Portugal) ,World Beer Awards (England) Roslagpivo Moscow (Russia) and World Beer Idols Prague (Czechia). His long experience in the beer sector also includes a participation in 1988, as a beer taster, in the TV program “The Beer Hunter” Our daily Beer, with Michael Jackson.

Markus Raupach

Markus Raupach is a beer writer and beer sommelier from Bamberg, Germany. Founder and Co-Owner of the German Beer Academy ( Markus Raupach is jury-member of the European Beer Star, the Meininger Award, the World Beer Awards and Rosglavpivo Moscow.

Amanda Reitenbach

The researcher Amanda Felipe Reitenbach, from Brazil, resides in Florianópolis (SC) and, since from her graduation she is dedicated to the study of beer and related topics. Amanda is sommelier of beers (Senac / Doemens Academy). Amanda is also creator, coordinator and teacher in Science Of Beer Institute, she is organizing the Brazilian Beer Competition since 2012, judge in World Beer Cup, European Beer Star, Copa Cervezas America (Chile), South Beer Cup (Argentina) and Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival and Taste Experience (Sweden).

Gisele Russano

Beer Sommelier, with a Master of Beer Styles from Brazil. Contributor to beer-related publications, leading beer sommelier for Beer Pairing events, dedicated trainer and professor for both beer courses and beer tastings. International Business Manager at The Science of Beer Institute, based out of Brazil, and responsible for special projects and business development in Europe.