Ölmönger: Finnish Beer Blog Sessio #4: The Assignment

I am honoured to have been selected as the host of the fourth Sessio of Finnish beer bloggers. Thanks to the previous host at Helppoa Juotavaa!— 

Shortly the idea of Sessio is that the host gives the bloggers a beer-related general topic and a couple of week’s time to write and publish their post. The participating bloggers – the host, too – write their posts from a point of view selected by each blogger and publish them in given time window. When the time is up, the host wraps the Sessio up and links each post to the wrap-up. Understood? Excellent.

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This will be a special – hopefully not the last – hosting, since the language of both the assignment and the wrap-up is English. Most of my Finnish colleagues have naturally their blog in Finnish – as an unnatural freak I selected the modern lingua franca as the language of my blog. This difference was the easy path to this Sessio’s topic, which is:
Finnish vs. foreign beer
The background? Like probably in most of the civilized countries in the world, the diversity of beer available and beer made in Finland has grown massively during the recent years. The number of active Finnish microbreweries has more than doubled during the last 10 years. At the same time more and more international beers have come available for the beer drinkers, since the restaurants, online shops, grocery stores and even the Alko monopoly have expanded their selection. Also at the same time, people travel abroad and in Finland for beer, beer events and brewery visits.—  —  — 

New Year’s Eve beers that have nothing to do with the topic
As the nature of Sessio goes, I’m just blurting out the topic without giving any directions about the point of view or the content of the post.— 
”So, no suggestions at all?”
Well, giving out a few probably doesn’t hurt anyone. Here are some points of view to consider or to be left out of consideration:
  • Do you intentionally drink more Finnish or foreign beer? Does the origin of the beer make a difference? How and why?
  • How well have Finnish breweries managed to brew internationally acclaimed styles?
  • Which foreign beers or styles don’t meet their match in Finnish beers? Which Finnish beers beat their international competitors with a distance?
  • What has been your best/worst experience with Finnish beer? And with foreign beer?
  • What are your thoughts about Finnish beer in the world of beer?
In the end, I’ll give you time to write and publish your posts between 24-27 January 2018. The wrap-up will be published by 31 January 2018.
If you aren’t sure about your blog’s Sessio post being noticed by me, please contact me about your post through Facebook or Twitter or leave a comment below.


This topic should take the bloggers out of Finland, at least beer-wise. Hopefully, some will even go around the world.
Daft Punk: Around the World (YouTube)
From the 1997 album Homework, the song was written by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.