Ölmönger: Ölbeat 274: La Quince Hop Fiction

Brewery: La Quince (in Spanish)
Country: Spain
Style: American Pale Ale
Abv: 5,5 %

What about the beer?
Colour is golden orange with a medium-size white head. Aroma has fresh grapefruit, orange and malts. Taste begins with strong kick of citrus. Fresh bitter grapefruit takes over with gentle pine and a twist of lemon. Near the finish sour-bitter citrus fruits come dominant. Aftertaste has bitter grapefruit, sour lemon and herbal dryness.
Fresh and great American Pale Ale. Lemon and grapefruit beat the mouth gently, but the flavour couldn’t work based only to hops – the base has to be solid. Looking forward to get my hands to some other La Quince brews. Great stuff!


Brewed as a tribute to the brewery’s favourite film Pulp Fiction and director Quentin Tarantino, this one leaves no options than to pick some surf rock from the film. The final sequence and the credits, here you go!— 
The Lively Ones: Surf Rider (YouTube)
From the 1963 album Surf Rider, the song was written by Nokie Edwards.