Wooden Pickle Brewing: 5 most overrated beer styles

Before anyone gets offended, keep in mind, these are my opinions and my opinions only. And as they say; opinions are like assholes, some people are more willing than others, to share theirs. I think that’s how the saying goes…

5. Milkshake IPAs

Who the hell figured out that an IPA, brewed with oats and hardly any bitterness, needs lactose to enhance body and sweetness? I suppose that person wasn’t lactose intolerant. Myself, I have zero tolerance for lactose.

4. Brut IPAs

Whoever it was that created milkshake IPAs, is probably related to the jerk who figured out that you cannot brew an IPA that is dry enough, unless you add enzymes like Amyloglucosidase. Let me tell you a little secret; there’s nothing “Champagne” like with these beers! Just your regular IPAs, watered down a little.

3. Mexican lagers

There’s a reason to why a Corona or Sol is best served with a lemon or a lime.

2. Non-alcoholic beer

Do I drink beer just to get drunk? No, but I am pregnant? No!

1. Kettle sours

The microwave steak of beer! I wish I could take credit for that statement, but I can’t. At best, kettle sours are one dimensional. Perhaps some fruit was added for complexity, but the bugs themselves haven’t contributed with anything interesting. That’s the best case scenario.

Most kettle sours, brewed by trendy craft breweries, fall into one or both of these categories;

  • Too much fruit was added, so you don’t taste the actual beer, and/or
  • The bugs have actually contributed with something else than just acidity, and that is best described as vomit.

As long as a kettle sour is marketed as a Gose or a Berliner Weisse, it’s all good. Some seem to enjoy them, and I know to stay away. I have a problem when brewers are just calling them sours, because then the line between a grilled steak and a microwaved steak gets blurred. Worst case scenario, is people deciding they don’t like steaks, before ever trying a Jester King or Cantillon.